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Friendzone: Thandanani Mhlanga

I am experimenting with an idea that I am not sure, whether or not, I will be able to carry it out but I am going to try. I am currently having Internet fatigue. It is moments where I feel that I fill every single free moment in my life by going on the Internet. Sometimes with good reason (to blog or for work or research) sometimes it is just to waste time (normally spent on Twitter saying random things and tweeting links to strangers and people I know.)

So I decided to start a series on my blog where I write an ode to a friend and why they are so special to me or how we met or whatever (I don't have a template yet).

So I am going to start with Thanda because I feel she is the one friend I have made over the past couple of years who inspires me greatly but who I have also been through a lot of random experience with, in a very short space of time.

Thanda is also a journalist, which would explain why I first met her while we were both interns at a newspaper in Cape Town called the…