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Friendzone: Thato Moeng

My appreciation for red wine didn't start on a wine farm somewhere in Stellenbosch or when I lived next to a boutique wine farm during my internship years. No. My appreciation of wine started in Soshanguve, on the lawns of a stadium on our campus (Tshwane University of Technology) with this woman pictured above - Thato Moeng.

We met on campus during journalism school - something we both took as a second option (a story for another day) - and became really close friends.

This is mainly because we studied at a campus that we hated (at the beginning) and then grew to love and appreciate with the more friends we made and all the random stuff we got up to there. We wanted to be at the Pretoria West campus.

We also grew up in the same place, have way too many friends in common and had a particular addiction to attending Tucks Spring Fair, at University of Pretoria, even though we never studied there and the event always took place during the week when we had other shit to do like stud…

Friendzone: Mampala Malekane

I just came up with the name for the series I am writing on my friends: Friendzone. I think it is catchy and cheesy enough and works either way you look at it.
Which brings me to my next friend: Mampala. If you have met me during my time in Cape Town you have probably seen me with her plenty of times. During our time in this city (we arrived a few months after each other) we have lived together, partied together, got involved in a car accident together, decided to become vegetarians together (we failed) and did I mention drink together? ok.
The funny thing about how we became friends is that my older sister introduced me to her. They worked together in Sandton and she was always telling me and this girl who she thought would make a great friend. She was right.
As a way of mocking my sister (who calls me baby) we started calling each other "baby" too... and it has stuck and has also led to people assuming we are a lesbian couple, which we don't mind at all and always pl…