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Friendzone: Mbali Vilakazi

Mbali invited me to come see her perform at a venue in Rondebosch one night. What she didn’t know was that I was having a really crappy week because I was living in a crappy place in Rondebosch, thought all my housemates were a bit nutty and didn’t go out much.
So when this girl, I had never met before, invited to me come see her perform her poetry at a show, I forgot to ask what she looked like. So when I arrived at this place, I hung around the bar and bumped into some people I knew and thought I’ll know it’s her when she jumped onto the stage and then, I will go greet her afterwards.
But it didn’t even get to that because here she was ordering a drink next to me with people swooning over her and calling her by her name. That was the first time we met and became friends afterwards.
From then on we would go to share a beautiful house in Woodstock together (bye bye crappy house in Rondebosch) and realise that we actually had a lot of people in common and we had the most awesome dinne…