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Friendzone: Melanie Kweyama

It must have been a Friday night when my sister and aunt came back to my house with this chirpy little girl called Melanie in tow.
This was a few months after "democracy” in South Africa and I had never met my aunt’s daughter before because she was in boarding school.
But on that night, while we chatted for the first time in my parent’s house, a friendship was struck. Melanie and I became friends and what we did not realise in the early 90s was that our bond would last most of the friendships we would acquire along the way.
We kept in touch. Lost contact. But we bonded heavily when we both lived about five minutes from each other in that famed Pretoria ‘neighbourhood’ called Sunnyside.

So while most people only arrived in this part of town during their first jobs or varsity, we were there while in still in high school and really just up to no good.

I will spare you the details of our escapades but they were both good and bad and our friendship made our parents really nervous although t…