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Friendzone: Wendyl Martin

Wendyl and I met on the first day of the cadet school. February 2010. 
This was a few weeks after I had temporarily abandoned my dream of being an environmentalist where I had been working as an intern, sometimes living in the middle of nowhere (Bredasdorp, Gansbaai, Stellenbosch) while plotting ways to save animals, fynbos and make it easier for people living in those areas to make a sustained living from their natural heritage. 
It all sounds a bit idealist when I write it now, five years later, from an apartment in Johannesburg. But that’s exactly what the organisations I was working for at the time (Flower Valley Conservation Trust and Peace Parks Foundation) were up to and it was quite inspiring being surrounded by scientists working in fields that I did not even know existed. 
So I spent most of my internship years (mid 2008 /09) in a bit of a daze, amazed that there was a world called conservation that I knew so little about while growing up in Mabopane and always surprised th…

Friendzone: Nontando Mposo

It is very easy to confuse an officemate with someone you are meant to be friends with forever and ever. I think it’s because we spend so much time in the office that we end up spending more time with our colleagues than with our actual friends, relatives and family.
For the most part, I tried to avoid making friends in the office. Looking back, this naïve plan did not work out that well because the majority of my friends in Cape Town are journalists who I worked with at some point or met through mutual friends.
So Nontando was in the Cadet School a year or so after me.
When she was done with her training she was assigned a desk next to me.
She and I hit it off because she was into most of the things that appealed to my journalism sides.
She loved partying, dressing up, had lived in chic places overseas, fine dining was our thing (she, Wendyl and I started a dinner club where we dined at a top-rated Cape Town restaurants each month), fashion (she started a fashion label, NoyoCloset…

Friendzone: Helen Herimbi

I knew Helen Herimbi’s work before I’d even laid eyes on her.
It must have been back in journalism school or earlier, when I was still obsessed with SL, Hype, BPM and websites (AG) and
This was before I convinced my dad to get me what was considered a smartphone at the time: the humble BlackBerry.
So to get my internet fix, I’d get to the computer lab on the Soshanguve TUT campus and instead of improving my dismal layout skills or typing speed (which was the reason I was meant to be there) I’d spend hours in the Rage chat-room arguing with randoms or downloading rap music on AG and reading articles on Rage, which seemed to be on top of the latest news when it came to local arts and street culture.
I always used to look out for things written by Helen Herimbi, Maria McCloy or Phiona Okumu Twitter, Facebook, tumblr cape argus. In my head these were three Joburg culture / music journalists who were living the dream: being paid to party.
My lecturers at TU…