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Friendzone: Carol Mocumenyane

Picture a scene - your first week at varsity. So although you are scared as shit of finally making it to "big school" it turns out that varsity is still a bit like high school. Not sure what I had expected, this was 2006 by the way, but I remember being disappointed by the drab gray buildings, the food and the general atmosphere. It didn't feel like "varsity" - the one in the movies - of cool kids, crazy lecturers, parties and hot people. I remember thinking that I was just gonna go to my classes, then home, without trying to make friends with any of the other students, because, I thought, I had enough friends as it is, why add more from this boring bunch?

Little did I know that this would be where I picked up my friends for life. Amid all that grayness, and protests that seemed to happen every week and bad wine (Hi Tassenberg), a clique started to form, a clique of people who thought they were too good for journalism school in Soshanguve's TUT campus. We …