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Friendzone: Bronwynne Jooste

December in Cape Town is a crazy time. Crazy in a good way. If you're anything like my friends and I, this kind of crazy would mean spending lots of time drinking, drooling over all the hot people in the streets and generally regretting not having taken enough to be able to vegetate with the rest of the holiday crowd. So, going to work in a holiday town, is terrible all year round but it is at its worst in December.
One of the people who had to endure the pain of sitting in an office writing our asses off (and having phones put down in our ears by 'helpful' spokespeople) is my friend Bronwynne Jooste. Or as I like to call her "Bronny Bron". Just like Wendyl Martin (at the Cadet School) and Nontando Mposo (who occupied Bron's desk next to me after she left the newspaper) she had to sit through all my stories about the randomness that was my life in Cape Town. Then every once in a while she would have to sit through more of these stories at the bar downstairs …