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Friendzone: Bronwynne Jooste

Bron and I at one of farewells, this time at the Grand Beach Cafe in Granger Bay, Cape Town

December in Cape Town is a crazy time. Crazy in a good way. If you're anything like my friends and I, this kind of crazy would mean spending lots of time drinking, drooling over all the hot people in the streets and generally regretting not having taken enough to be able to vegetate with the rest of the holiday crowd. So, going to work in a holiday town, is terrible all year round but it is at its worst in December.

One of the people who had to endure the pain of sitting in an office writing our asses off (and having phones put down in our ears by 'helpful' spokespeople) is my friend Bronwynne Jooste. Or as I like to call her "Bronny Bron". Just like Wendyl Martin (at the Cadet School) and Nontando Mposo (who occupied Bron's desk next to me after she left the newspaper) she had to sit through all my stories about the randomness that was my life in Cape Town. Then every once in a while she would have to sit through more of these stories at the bar downstairs after a long day at the office when only a glass of red would make the day better.

Bron and her son Max, in all their cuteness
Then I got to know her outside the office and that was when we really started hitting it off. I used to admire how organised she was in the office. Like, she is still the only person I knew at the time, who planned her stories way ahead of time. So when she got in, on a Monday, she always knew what she would be writing about and even, what she would be writing if her main story fell through and if a story gets shoved on her at the last minute, that's just more time to work on her original stories. So, her work ethic was incredible and it was always a pleasure to sit next to her and observe.

Outside the office, she was just as crazy and wild as I was. We partied too much, drank too much, got our hearts broken too often and had the best morning-after-the-night-before conversation trying to piece together what we did last night because we always woke up with zero recollection. 

Me putting Max to sleep at our picnic in December 2014, Cape Town :)
So, when I decided that it was time for me to leave Cape Town, it was only fair that we spend the whole of December (and part of January) celebrating my awesomeness. This meant visiting all my favourites haunts - the fancy ones and the dingy ones - ordering some drinks (champagne if they have, some tequila was always welcome, but beers always went down best for me, and wine) and just reminisced about all the crazy experiences we've had and how scary the future looked at 2am in the morning.

Then following my move she became a mom to the cutest little boy called Max and just like that, she had entered a new phase in her life as a mom and serious career woman who wears heels to the office and looks damn good while doing it. What I love about her is that she is funny, like really really funny and she's always making these observations about our life that have me canning myself like an idiot. She is also caring. So whenever I needed help with a story or someone to come eat out with me because I didn't feel like being alone or a friend to help me make sense of my career - she was always there, no excuses, no judgement.

Stole this pic from Solly Malatsi's tweets, but he and Bron look dope here. Those heels, girl!
When I went back to Cape Town last December (on a month long holiday, may I add, that I learnt my lesson) I got to meet little Max. Babies are so fragile and adorable, so although I have held lots of babies in my hands, I didn't know about putting one to sleep. But I did it. And we have evidence (haha). I love that picture of Max and I so much. I might use it in my application for a job as a nanny. So, on this day we chilled at Deer Park and had a picnic and I got to bond with the baby and that was just perfect.

Sometimes growing up means having to cut ties with a lot of people who we knew during our partying ways simply because we grown apart and that's ok. I'm a big fan of letting go. So, I love that distance and growth hasn't impacted negatively on my relationship with Bron. Thanks to the internet I see pictures of Max almost daily (they grow up so quickly) and I get to see her growing into this young woman who has turned that focus I saw in the newsroom into a new career. I'm loving seeing this side to her and I can't wait to see what else is in store because her next move is bound to be big.


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