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Friendzone: Sibusiso Nkomo

Picture a warm  New Year's eve in Cape Town where you'd spent the entire day chilling and drinking wine with friends and gatecrashing people's parties only to remember that someone in the (step) Mother City had actually invited you to a "red cup" party.

Yep, that was me, last year.

But I eventually made it to the "red cup" party where my friends had taken the matra "party like a journalist" and multiplied it by 100. Because in that red cup, is the most lethal punch I have ever had a party. Like ever. But it was so delicious. Damn. Think, drunk people everywhere. It was hilarious like a scene from American Pie or something.

So, of course, I had more than one cup.

Which explains why I think I am hugging Sbu, in the picture below, but I may have been strangling my poor friend. I don't like taking pictures that much, not especially drunken ones, but this one always makes me smile.

Sbu and I (like many of my Cape Town friends) met in 2010 whil…